Fine-knit income tax returns reach 1.03 million

Revenue pays residual income tax refunds today

The IRS releases this Mondayon Friday (31) bank credit to taxpayers who had fallen into the fine mesh and settled their accounts with the tax authorities. Payment is made directly to the account informed in the income tax return. In all, 471,447 taxpayers who declared in previous years were covered. The amount credited is R$ 800 million.Revenue pays residual income tax refunds today

Of this total, 6,483 are over 80 years old, 54,365 are between 60 and 79 years old, 5,516 have some physical or mental disability or serious illness and 23,070 have teaching as their main source of income. If the taxpayer is not on the list, he must enter the Virtual Taxpayer Assistance Center (e-CAC) and extract the statement from the declaration. If there is a pending issue, you can send a rectifying statement and wait for the next batches of fine mesh.

If, for some reason, the refund is not deposited in the account informed in the statement, as in the case of a deactivated account, the amounts will be available for redemption for up to one year at Banco do Brasil. In this case, the citizen can schedule the credit in any bank account in his name, through the BB Portal, or by calling the bank’s Relationship Center, at 4004-0001 (capital), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) and 0800-729-0088 (special telephone exclusively for the hearing impaired).

If the taxpayer does not redeem the amount of his refund after one year, he must request the amount on the e-CAC Portal. When entering the page, the citizen must access the menu “Declarations and Statements”, click on “My Income Tax” and then on the field “Request a refund not redeemed in the banking network”.

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