Aída Victoria was angry because they compared her to Jenny Ambuila

Aída Victoria was angry because they compared her to Jenny Ambuila

Jenny Ambuila was known for the scandal in which her father was involved, Omar Ambuila, a former Dian official investigated for money laundering. The young woman went viral after posting a video of a red Lamborghini obtained with illicit money.

A similar thing happened with Aida Victoria, who was known for running away from her mother, Aida Merlano and who would have bought votes on the Coast. Process that has also affected the influencer, who until recently was sentenced to house arrest.

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In this sense, a young woman in social networks compared the two cases and wrote: “I think that Media Colombia is in favor of Aida Merlano just because she is pretty and they forget that she, like that Jenny Ambuila benefited from corruption money and Jenny if they did not support her because she was ugly, ”reads a TikTok by user Fernanda Rodríguez.

Based on this opinion, the woman from Barranquilla went out to make a clarification to the young woman who, according to her, was not right due to her short understanding, that is why she was going to explain the differences between one case and the other, and began by saying; “when my mother was imprisoned I was 18 years oldTherefore, more than moral, she had a legal commitment to support meso, if I benefited from anything, it was being kept, ”replied the content creator.

Following this, the barranquillera added that, although the two cases affected them as daughters, for their part, Jenny hid, she didn’t give her voicewhile she did speak out after the arrest to which she was subjected and later released for lack of evidence, “I used my right to defense to give my truth,” she said.

Merlano recalls that whoever they compare her with went viral because it was she who exposed her wealth and that is why the investigation against her father was opened, while in her case it was due to the escape of the former congresswoman, “When Jenny’s case goes viral, the first thing she does is hide., while I did use my right to defense to give my truth. Then, the big difference is that while they did know me, they didn’t even listen to her voice“, answered.

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The influencer indicated that she knew how to take that legal problem from her mother in her favor, “If today I am where I am, it is because I knew how to capitalize on my tragedy.”, Saying that she has not overcome problems at the point of beauty, but intelligence.

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