Minister Vallejo indicates that the pension reform “will be presented the first week of November at the latest”

The government spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, referred to the pension reform that the Government will carry out in the coming weeks, indicating that it will be presented in the first week of November.

“Regarding the pension reform, in fact I am not going to announce the exact day it is going to be presented, but this is considered at the end of this month, the first week of November at the latest, we are going to introduce the pension reform project” , said the secretary of state.

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The spokeswoman emphasized that the design of the proposal is not “only better pensions for future retirees, but those of now because we understand that there is an urgency.”

In addition, he added that “increasing pensions significantly, the mixed system, taking charge of the abuses of the current AFP industry will mean ending the AFP model and building a new model.”

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