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Agreement signed to conserve Haina river basin

Steven Puig and Roberto Herrera signed the agreement.

Banco BHD León signed an agreement with the Santo Domingo Water Fund (FASD) to support the ecological conservation of the ecosystems that regulate the water flow of the Haina River basin, an aquifer that represents about 35% of the water supply for the Great Santo Domingo.
For this project, the entity will invest a total of RD$ 3,000,000.00, with the objective of achieving the establishment of agroforestry systems, in an estimated time of three years, which will prevent erosion, regulate the flow of water and moderate the sediments of the zone.

Steven Puig, executive president of Banco BHD León, explained that at the institution “we have a sustainability strategy aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, which responsibly and constantly supports the protection of our ecosystem. With this agreement, we reaffirm our commitment to this work and contribute to the rescue of one of the most important resources of our planet, water”.

Roberto Herrera, president of the Board of Directors of the Santo Domingo Water Fund, stated that “ensuring the restoration and conservation of ecosystems in the hydrographic basins that supply water to the city of Santo Domingo is part of the mission of the Fund. Santo Domingo water. With this agreement, we propose the ecological restoration of the Haina River Basin, which consists of supporting the recovery of the ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed by carrying out and promoting specific activities that help to recover certain desired functions or structures in the medium term” .

The Bank plans to closely monitor the project, with the participation of the BHD León Volunteers, and integrate other sustainability initiatives into its Social Responsibility programs. Josefina Navarro, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility at Banco BHD León, said that “through actions such as these, we gradually seek to mitigate the consequences of climate change.”

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