Agatha Lys predicts that the next governor of Tacna would be a new person and without question

Agatha Lys predicts that the next governor of Tacna would be a new person and without question

After seven years of absence, the parapsychologist arrived in the city of Tacna , to meet with his followers. During his stay he gave some predictions such as that the president his term will not end in .

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“He will have to leave power abruptly, effectively telling you that Mr. President Castillo is a person who is not going through a pleasant moment, quite the opposite, and more things are going to be uncovered, more scandals are coming, more situations of risk, he is not going to finish his term”, He explained in an interview with Correo.

Who would win the elections?

Regarding the elections of this October 2nd said “the new regional president of Tacna foresees being a new person, someone who suddenly hasn’t applied before, that’s what we can visualize, plus the outgoing is going to have problems, very serious paper problems. He is going to win handily”.

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For the mayor of Tacna, he said that the population will support someone new and possibly young. “The opportunity for a new face of someone who has no questions in sighta relatively young person and this new person is going to have good confidence, but that confidence is going to go away after a year because he is going to be very tempted by corruption”, referred.

Chance on a full moon

Agatha Lys indicated that, taking advantage of his visit, he is attending consultations in the Holiday Suites on 6 and 7 and they can locate it in their numbers on their social networks. He noted that the majority of Tacneños consult about their economic situation and how to improve it.

warned that this September, 10th There will be a full moon, so to fulfill wishes, it is recommended to place white flowers in the house and wear clothes of the same color to purify yourself.

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