Policías acusados muerte barbero en el  sector Cienfuegos

Accused policemen barber death in the Cienfuegos sector

The Public ministry request pre-trial detention against three police officers those he implicates in the death of a barber whom he says were assaulted brutally while being detained and at the time he was held in the detachment of the Cienfuegos sector, Santiago.

A note indicates that the captain Manolo Aquino, in charge of the Central Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Cienfuegos; First Lieutenant Manuel de Jesús de la Cruz and Second Lieutenant Vladimir Joel Jerez Suárez face criminal charges for the beating death of Richard Rafael Báez.

The text says that the three incurred in the crimes of association of malefactors, homicide and robbery.

In the measure request, the body establishes that the March 21st The defendants fatally beat the victim.

Indicates that a motorized patrol in a preventive operation in The seedbed communitySantiago Oeste municipal district chased the victim to her house and hit her when she was trying to reach the door.

The Inacif report on the death of a barber in Santiago

Richard Rafael Baez, the Barber who died after being arrested by agents of the Police in Santiagodid not expire due to the blows they gave him when he was detained, according to what was revealed by a report from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif).

The document, to which CDN, channel 37 had access, states that the analyzes on the body of the young man from Santiago revealed contusive injuries that were recovered in a short time and were not serious.

The request for the Inacif present, its evaluation was made by the fiscal prosecutor of this province, Clara María de Jesús.

Baez, 28, presented wounds that could be a consequence of dragging at the time of his arrest or in the cell of the Palace of Justice where he was detained.

On April 5, the Central Cibao Regional Directorate of the National Police rejected that agents of this institution hit Baezafter having spent approximately fifteen days admitted to a health center in a delicate state

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