About 659 telephone taps in Operation Fisher to dismantle criminal network linked to the Gulf Clan

During the hearing for the imputation of charges for crimes of illicit association and money laundering, held since last Thursday, against 57 people apprehended in Operation Fisher, it was known that about 659 telephone taps and 29 events of seizure of money, weapons , drugs and homicides, were used to dismantle this criminal network, linked to the Clan del Golfo de Colombia, who trafficked drugs abroad.

According to reports from the Drug Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry, this operation began on February 6, 2020 in the Sensitive Investigations Unit of the DIJ of the National Police, and the main target was the colonist and resident in La Chorrera, Jorge Luis General , 35, known as “El General”, “El Cucho”, “Makilo” and “El Socio”.

In this operation, 57 people were apprehended, including 10 women, four police units -one of them with the rank of Major-; a captain from the Senan, two employees from the ACP, an official from a Communal Board of Colón and another from the Ministry of Education. In addition, there are two former members of the Panameñista Party -including one who was nominated for deputy for the 3-1 circuit in Colón and who is a member of the College of Economists and a former DGI official. There are also relatives of a Colonial mayor.

Before the seizure of more than $ 10 million in a residence located in Nueva Providencia, in Colón, the Prosecutor’s Office reported the seizure of 1,599 packages of cocaine and the seizure of $ 849,910.21.

This Sunday, for the fourth consecutive day, the hearing for the imputation of charges and respective precautionary measures to these people takes place. The hearing takes place in the Accusatory Penal System (SPA), in Plaza Ágora.

According to the prosecution, the organization was a kind of branch of the Gulf Cartel led by Otoniel, which introduced cocaine in boats in sectors of the Costa Arriba of Colón and then moved it in vehicles with double bottoms to Central America or again in boats.

In the investigative work, in addition to the wiretapping, there was surveillance and monitoring, location and recognition reports, and analysis of the sensitive financial investigation unit.

During the reading of documents, in the middle of the hearing on Saturday, a reference was made to an activity related to Jorge Luis General and a Colombian named Gómez, in the Buenaventura project.

The Gulf Cartel cell received, guarded and concealed large quantities of drugs from Colombia.

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