Abinader's message on Mother's Day 2022

Abinader’s message on Mother’s Day 2022

When commemorating Mother’s Day this Sunday, President Louis Abinader He extended congratulations to all the Dominican women who play this important role.

The president addressed a brief message of congratulations on his Twitter account: “Happy Mother’s Day! A big hug, today and always.

Earlier, Abinader shared a message from his wife, the first lady Raquel Arbaje, in which she described mothers as “the pillar that supports the family, the tree that gives good shade to your sons and daughters so that they grow as people of values, with projects for the future, with the determination to move towards their goals”.

Vice President Raquel Peña also wrote words of congratulations on the same social network. “Bringing life to the world is a beautiful privilege that God granted to women and on this special date, I want to send a message of recognition to Dominican mothers, for the loving act of dedication that protecting, feeding and accompanying their children and daughters”, published the deputy president.

The leadership of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) also congratulated the Dominican mothers in different ways. The congratulations began last Friday with an entertainment for the mothers of the Casa Nacional Reinaldo Pared Pérez, led by the Secretary General, Charles Mariotti.

Former President Leonel Fernández also paid tribute to the mothers. “A well-deserved and heartfelt tribute to the sacrifice, tenderness, love and dedication of all Dominican mothers on their day. To you my deepest admiration! ”, He referred to his Twitter account.

The president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) joined the congratulations, Miguel Vargas, who stated that: “On this special day I honor the dedication, perseverance, love and industriousness of all Dominican mothers. Grateful for their dedication, we place our faith in them to strengthen the family unit and the values ​​that should support it. Happy mothers day!”.

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