Abel Martínez: Acciones del gobierno se quedan en promesas incumplidas

Abel Martínez: Government actions remain unfulfilled promises

Santiago.- The candidate for the presidential nomination and member of the Political Committee for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD)Abel Martinezassured that the 76.3% decrease in public investment in the northern region of the country is a clear and deplorable example of the ineptitude with which the Government is managing and the total abandonment of that important region of the country.

Martínez’s statements come as a result of a study prepared by the Central Bank which indicates that between January and April 2021, the 14 provinces of the northern region only received from the Government, “the tiny investment of RD$882.7 million, showing a very bleak outlook in order to improve the quality of life of the population and increase the production of goods and provision of services”, according to the senior political leader.

“It is evident that we are facing an indolent government, of improvisations, without management and full of incapacity; today their own official numbers hit them in the face, which leads us to ask: apart from sponsoring large social network structures to amplify lies and create false perception, what is the government doing with state money? Abel Martinez.

After deploring that, in the case of the province of Santiago, capital of the region and one of the most thriving demarcations in the country, the fall in investment in the first four months of 2021, is almost 80% as reflected in the study, which gives Santiago a percentage of 79.5%, Abel pointed out that the population does not eat or live with cold figures, but with the results of actions and public policies that do not exist today and the consequences are suffered by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, and unfortunately, by the poor, who are the majority.

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“PBut worse still is the case of Monsignor Nouel, where the fall was 100%, that is to say that in that province the Government did not invest anything; Samaná, with 97.6%; Espaillat, with 97.5%; Santiago Rodríguez, with 96.9%; Mirabal Sisters, with 94.9%; and Valverde, with 92.6%; That is why this Government must publicly apologize to the inhabitants of those demarcations to whom they have promised and have not fulfilled, which is exactly what happens throughout the national territory.

They have been distracting the population for almost two years with alleged actions that only remain in headlines and extensive publicity in which they do invest hundreds of millions of pesos. Now we demand a clear explanation about what is being done with taxpayers’ money and what has happened to the much-touted investments,” demanded Abel Martínez.

The study “On the Economic Outlook of the North Region”, prepared by the Central Bank, also indicates that in María Trinidad Sánchez the fall was 89.5%; in Dajabon 77.8%; in Duarte 57.3%; in La Vega 40.9%; in Montecristi 59.5%; in Puerto Plata 79.8%; and Sánchez Ramírez 70.6%, to which Abel points out that, “as witnesses to this reality, there are the millions of inhabitants, not only from the northern region, but from the entire Dominican Republic.”

After describing the situation as painful and catastrophic, Abel Martinez He demanded honest investment in this area, which contributes more than 14% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), bringing together the provinces with the highest population density, with a thriving agricultural and tourism industry, a dynamic commercial sector and promoter of the culture of the country , as well as investing State resources efficiently, in addition, in the areas of greatest poverty in the country.

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