Hallan muerta adolescente reportada como desaparecida

A teenager reported missing is found dead

Santiago – A teenager who had been reported missing for several days since December 25 was found dead in the community of Palmar Arriba in the municipality of Villa González.

Shakira Ventura, 17 years old, was found in a room of a house in a state of decomposition. The body was sent to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF) for autopsy purposes and thus determine if she shows signs of violence.

Due to the fact there are several people detained for investigation purposes.

In another event, the National Police in Santiago identified the alleged criminals who killed a man when he was trying to prevent a robbery in the Santiago Oeste municipal district.

Enmanuel De Jesús Brito, alias Manuel, aged 23, died of gunshot wounds while receiving medical attention at the hospital in the aforementioned town.

According to the investigations, the event occurred at a time when the deceased was sharing alcoholic beverages with some friends, when the well-known criminal only known as Ñifi appeared, in the company of a certain Bubuta son of La Patana, and another person in process. of identification, since they are fugitives, who stripped a man of his belongings in order to continue his misdeed.

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