98% of patients in the third wave presented severe sore throats in Huancavelica

98% of patients in the third wave presented severe sore throats in Huancavelica

During the last weeks in the region The number of people infected with COVID-19 continues to drop, reported the regional health director Darwin Moscoso García.

The official stated that, in the first two waves, there were more than 100 hospitalized patients, however, now, in the third wave, this number dropped to 20 cases, including those who were hospitalized in Essalud.

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“Many will wonder that the number of hospitalized and ICU cases has not had a significant increase, this shows the importance of vaccination and the coverage that was made in the most vulnerable population, allowing the impact of the third wave not to be serious. , but, yes, in number of cases we have surpassed the other two waves”, affirmed Moscoso García.

At the time of the interview, Moscoso García however, highlighted that 98% of infected people had severe sore throat, accompanied by fever and general malaise, characteristic of this strain.

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“I believe that there is a higher percentage (of patients with the Omicron variant), obviously it is not covered by the study carried out by the INS to detect how much proportion it has advanced, but we can say based on these characteristics that, seeing the community transmission, we deduce that there are more cases in our region,” said the regional director.


On the other hand, he also reported that Acobamba is the province in which there is the most rejection of vaccination.

“In Paucará, the rejection of vaccination against COVID-19 is very marked, also, the most critical province is Acobamba, because it does not exceed 10% coverage, while the other health networks are already covered by 20%, we see a marked difference,” said Moscoso.

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The regional director stated that after the attack on health personnel in Paucará, the district community will open a space so that they can continue advancing with this strategy.

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