People’s Force, without official statement after not signing complaint

National House of the People’s Force.

After the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party shone with its absence the day before yesterday at the headquarters of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) after summoning the media, the political organization has still not officially clarified why it did not attend or sign the complaint document.

The organization had promised to offer some statements together with the parties of the Dominican Liberation (PLD) and the Dominican Revolutionary (PRD), however, it did not appear there.

The three-page document, signed only by representatives of the PLD and PRD, records the complaint against the high-ranking leaders and officials of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), for allegedly using state resources to win over mayors, directors of municipal districts and other officials. local ma so that they pass to the ruling party. They asked the JCE to create a commission to investigate the alleged irregularity and apply the full weight of the law.

It is surprising that the convening party left dozens of journalists “with the bun done”, without giving a clear explanation of what happened.

Reporters and cameramen from the different media outlets in the country had to wait “standing” for about two hours to find out what the press conference would be about, since it was a mystery: it was called without saying what topic they would address.

Statements from senior leaders

From the same day, elCaribe tried to contact Manuel Crespo, political delegate before the Board, but it was impossible. Later, a leader indicated that he was busy with family medical matters.

Part of the opinion of senior FP leaders is that they would file a separate document with the JCE, “with almost the same content” as the one they did not sign; FP delivered the complaint together with the PLD and PRD, although it was not signed due to lack of time; discrepancy with the two opposition parties over the word “transfuguismo”; there is no date to deliver the document; and the party has no official opinion on the matter.

Nobody seems to want to deal with it.

After searching for answers regarding the official position of the Fuerza del Pueblo party on the complaint document, elCaribe contacted senior members of that political organization, where three things were evident: conflicting opinions on the subject, fear that their names would be revealed, and unanswered calls. Which reveals the “rice with mango” that there is.

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