5 products that will turn your house into a smart home

According to a study conducted by the In 2021, smart city solutions are a transformative element due to their potential social, economic and environmental impact, especially in a region where 80% of the population is concentrated in cities.

In this way, dedicate a whole week to the category of which, according to figures provided by the platform, is usually the most demanded throughout the year, occupying 60% of total sales: Tech Week. On this occasion, the campaign will take place from July 18 to 24 and will host up to 50% on various products.

At Mercado Libre, we have noticed that the Peruvian consumer has a tendency to prefer the technology category. For this reason, during the week of Tech Week, we offer the best offers and discounts on thousands of technological products from the main brands such as Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Razer, Mabe, GoPro, among others.”, commented Andrés Laffaire, Marketing Manager at Mercado Libre Peru.

For this reason, the leading e-commerce platform in Latin America, Mercado Libre, recommends 5 items to turn the house into a Smart home:

  • smart spotlights: fill the home with colors and thousands of shades that can be configured according to the needs of people, now it is possible with a . With this product, you will be able to modify the intensity of the brightness depending on the schedule through the smartphone or a voice assistant. In addition, they offer greater efficiency and, therefore, lower energy consumption.
Smart Led Spotlight
Smart Led Spotlight
  • voice assistant: Can you imagine being able to speed up processes to program activities such as, for example, turning lights on or off without using the gadget or setting an alarm only with your voice? It will allow you to do this and much more. For example, you can control your home entertainment by playing songs, audiobooks and podcasts online.

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  • streaming player: In the wake of the pandemic, people started spending more time at home, and entertainment options dwindled. In that context, the They were presented as a proposal to turn any television into a smart TV to watch movies and series in 4K format within the various online platforms.
  • internet repeater: Interruptions during video calls or conferences are difficulties that occur more frequently in the home office. For this reason, a It would be a favorable option to take advantage of your internet service in every corner of the house.
wifi repeater
wifi repeater
  • Smart vacuum cleaner: Cleaning the home is a task that usually requires a lot of time and paralyzes other types of activities such as work or study hours. However, by pressing a button or from the smartphone you can program the cleaning with a in the different spaces of the house. It also provides versatile cleaning by removing dirt, dust or pet hair.

It should be noted that Mercado Libre shipments arrive within 24 hours for Metropolitan Lima and within 48 hours nationwide, and it is free for purchases greater than S/ 79.00. In addition, the platform allows payments in interest-free installments with BBVA, BCP, Cencosud and Diners Club cards.


Alfredo Celis - National Vice Dean of the College of Physicians of Peru

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