18 Pakistanis captured in Maturín deported

18 Pakistanis captured in Maturín deported

A total of 18 people from Pakistan (south of the Asian continent) were captured in the Altamira sector of Maturín, capital of Monagas, according to police sources.

Apparently, these people entered Venezuela illegally, for which they were deported last Saturday, according to information published on the Instagram site of polymaturinsecurity body that made the arrests.

The final destination of the 18 was the United States, following a route that included Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Uracoa (Monagas), Colombia and Panama, according to what was investigated by Immigration Control at the José Tadeo Monagas International Airport.

The procedure was notified to the 3rd Public Prosecutor’s Office.

18 Pakistanis captured in Maturín deported

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