140 muertes violentas deja el año 2022 en Peravia

140 violent deaths leave the year 2022 in Peravia

Bani.- The year 2022 says goodbye to the banilejos in the midst of a trend of deaths from violence that in its different manifestations is growing without, until now, being able to contain with preventive measures the causes that generate mourning, pain and sadness in the families of a society that the Puerto Rican Dominican educator Eugenio María de Hostos managed to describe as “a family, a great family” exclaiming that “I wish the country was like Bani”.

According to the statistical data offered by the forensic doctor of the Peravia province, Walter López Pimentel, the year that is about to end, produced the death of 141 people from different causes, figures that in comparison with past years, reflect a debauchery in the conduct of citizens that warrant urgent intervention by civil authorities, police, government, Public ministrythe churches and the various social, professional and sports organizations that operate in this territorial demarcation.

López Pimentel revealed that of the total violent deaths in the Peravia province, 78 were due to motor vehicle traffic accidents on streets and highways, 31 due to homicides, 14 suicides, 10 accidentally, 4 natural and 3 undetermined.

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Dr. López Pimentel, who for 27 years has been a forensic doctor in the Peravia province, maintained that never before, after the Covid 19 pandemic, had so many cases of violence been unleashed linked to situations of depression, disrespect for the law, lack of love and respect between people, eagerness to obtain material things and other causes.

He highlighted that motorcycle traffic accidents reported the highest number of fatalities, affecting a population ranging between 15 and 35 years of age, specifying that dozens of people also suffered permanent injuries or injuries to their bodies, such as fractures and other cases.

Regarding the homicides, López Pimentel said that 26 of them were with firearms, 4 with bladed weapons and one case of blunt trauma, revealing that violence by firearms deserves interventions by the authorities in order to prevent the occurrence of such facts.

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Regarding the 14 suicides, he said that 10 of them were by hanging and 4 by poisoning, most of which were caused by depression, family conflicts, financial debts and other causes.

Other samples of violent deaths in Bani were 10 accidentally, 3 electrocuted, 3 by drowning, 2 by falling into a vacuum, 4 natural and 3 undetermined.

The doctor calls on the population to adopt a conduct attached to respect for the lives of other human beings, to stay away from acts that may cause situations of violence, to practice a lifestyle attached to ethical and human values ​​that They always adorned the families of Banilejas and also called on the authorities to apply preventive measures to preserve the mental health and lives of the citizens of the Peravia province.

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