manifestante 11J Entrada de la Prisión de Guanajay

11J protester imprisoned in Guanajay denounces police violence

Havana Cuba. — Political prisoner Eduin Rodríguez Fonseca, protester of the July 11, 2021 (11J), denounced the police violence of which he and other demonstrators have been victims since the anti-government protests of that day.

From the maximum rigor prison of Guanajay, in the western province of Artemisa, Rodríguez Fonseca assured CubaNet that in all the detention centers where he has been held captive, mistreatment has been a common denominator: beatings, humiliation, torture such as tying his hands and feet, and other violations of his human rights.

Eduin Rodríguez Fonseca lives in the town of Alquízar, in Artemisa. He is 41 years old and is an employee of an agricultural cooperative. He recounts that he was arrested on July 11 while he was participating in the demonstration, which took place near the church and the Alquízar court.

The inmate reports that on the day of the protest, policemen and black berets appeared, in addition to officials from the local Party and government, who began to beat the protesters. He also points out that while the military attacked the crowd, an officer was present —whom he could not identify— who exclaimed: “What is that?! Don’t hit them, don’t hit them!”

From that place, the captured demonstrators were taken to the Alquízar police unit, where upon arrival they were severely beaten and beaten with sticks, says Eduin Rodríguez.

The protester points out that once they were locked up in the dungeon they were beaten again and kept for 27 days without a mattress, without sheets and without any other recourse. Likewise, he comments that during that period the guards repeated to them that “that was for wanting to overthrow the dictatorship.”

From there, Rodríguez continues, they took him to the Cuatro Caminos Technician, in Guanajay, where they kept him for two weeks and later transferred him to the Taco Taco maximum rigor prison, also in Artemisa, where he spent two months until they took him to prison. Guanajay jail. He adds that at Taco Taco he shared lockdown with the San Antonio protesters.

The protester points out that he was tried on November 2 and 3, 2021. His prosecutor’s request was for 11 years in prison for the alleged crimes of attack and public disorder. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

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