11-year-old girls robbed at gunpoint in a high school in Cerrito de la Victoria

Two minors 11 years They were robbed by threats with a firearm at the 41 high school in Cerrito de la Victoria (Montevideo), reported Telemundo (channel 12) and confirmed to The Observer Ministry of the Interior sources.

The teenagers were in the yard when two armed criminals They demanded their belongings through the gate of the educational center where they attend. They took their two cell phones.

Another student saw the situation and alerted a local worker, but by then the strangers had already escaped and they are fugitives.

The students –that are in good condition– Classes started this Monday and they attend 1st year.

The high school authorities preferred not to make statements, as did the Secondary and Codicen authorities, according to the newscast. Meanwhile, the parents of the victims, who made the police report, assured that they will seek to change their daughters’ institution.

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