¡Urgente! Se necesita donante de sangre

Urgent! blood donor needed

An urgently needed donor platelet for women Celina Martich.

Donors should go to Rosa Emilia Sánchez Pérez de Tavarez National Cancer Institute (INCART) and inform that the donation is for said lady.

Or they can contact Martich’s daughter at the following number: 829-342-8280.

According to a communication distributed via WhatsApp, the female’s family said that blood group does not matter.

Luis Abinader donates blood and invites the population to do the sameAND

Last year, President Luis Abinader became the first blood donor to lead a day for these purposes, as part of the presidential goal that seeks to save lives.

The opening ceremony of the day was held on the front esplanade of the Downtown Center square, on Núnez de Cáceres avenue, where the president defined the initiative as a gesture of love.

“Today, after three years of creation, we leave the National Blood Center, the general blood bank of the Dominican State, in operation for the first time, which will be governed by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance,” the official reported.

He cited the need for blood for children with cancer, people with sickle cell anemia, pregnant women about to give birth and accident victims.

The head of state announced that since this issue requires more attention and there is a work plan that links different institutions, he has decided to include it as a presidential goal.

The objective, he said, is that it be attended with the rigor that it deserves and that the members of the work group created can feel the palpable progress in each process achieved.

He maintained that blood donation has become one of the fundamental axes of his government management, as he promised on July 14, during the launch of the LASO Foundation Donor Network.

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