Parliament postpones debate on the vacancy of the president of Peru

Lima, Mar 10 (Prensa Latina) The Peruvian Congress today postponed until next Monday the preliminary debate on a motion for the vacancy of President Pedro Castillo, after approving the questioning of the Ministers of Health and Culture.

The decisions were made less than 48 hours after the approval of a confidence motion in the new ministerial cabinet, a result that disappointed the omens and expectations of the far-right opposition.

The vacancy is in its second attempt and the interpellations point to the so-called plan B of that sector, consisting of censuring (removing) the ministers one by one.

As announced, on Monday the plenary session of Congress will discuss and vote on whether to debate or reject the vacancy motion promoted by the extreme right-wing parties Renovación Popular, Fuerza Popular and Avanza País.

The admission to debate requires 52 votes of the congressmen, two more than the 50 who signed the motion and the promoters of the initiative, hope to achieve at least that President Pedro Castillo appears before the plenary session and answers the questions contained in the motion.

The vacancy will hardly be approved, because calculations indicate that it will not reach 87 motorcycles, two thirds of the total number of congressmen.

The Head of State, according to the established procedure, can base his defense personally or through a lawyer, or make a general presentation and leave the legal defense in the hands of the defender.

As for the interpellations, the most fragile objective is the Minister of Health, Hernán Condori, whose retirement is demanded by the Bar Association and the medical schools of the universities, who question his professional solvency.

On the other hand, the government’s problems were compounded by the announcement by the Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office, reporting an investigation into the environment of officials in the direct service of Castillo, accused of forming a “shadow cabinet”, which is illegal. .


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