Tasa cero sepultará a productores locales

Zero rate will bury local producers

With the approval of the Senate of the Republic from a zero rate to 67 essential products The end of many local producers has been decreed, Senator Bautista Rojas said yesterday, lamenting that with the measure the government only seeks to favor a group of importing businessmen.

“The consequences will be suffered by national producers. For example, this is going to throw thousands of flour workers, those who make bread, into the streets,” Rojas quoted.

party congressman People’s Force considered that what was appropriate in this situation was the elimination of the tariff on the raw material of flour, fats and other inputs for the bread makingas well as the inputs to produce chicken meat, pork and everything related to agricultural production such as fertilizer, pesticides and agrochemicals.

“The President of the Republic has consciously imposed a law to fulfill commitments he made in the campaign with powerful sectors of the Dominican Republic,” he assured.

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Bauta Rojas stressed that now the storage capacity of these importing sectors is what will determine how long they will take advantage of this new law, which is now going to Executive Power to be enacted immediately.

The proposal levies a zero rate on certain goods that affect the cost of basic food for the Dominican family.

The initiative received the favorable vote of 19 of the 29 senators present, in a session marked by strong discussions between the members of the main party blocs.

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