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December 22, 2022
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Zelensky’s historic visit to Washington

Zelenski, Biden

Havana Cuba. – The big news this Wednesday was arrival in washington, on an official visit, by the Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. After leaving his country surreptitiously, the leader of the resistance against Russian aggression arrived at a US base in Poland, from which he flew to Washington. Already in this place, his interview with Joe Biden at the White House and his speech before a joint session of Congress made headlines.

It should be noted that this is the first departure from the country by the Ukrainian head of state since the start of the brutal invasion decreed by the current dictator of the Kremlin, his namesake putin. And this is explained: the great danger that has hung over the great Slavic country that he leads in southeastern Europe, deserves no other qualification than that of mortal.

And Zelensky, to make his first international trip, has chosen the United States. It is, I think, an unbeatable choice. Our great neighbor to the North has proven to be —and by the classic mile— the greatest ally of the attacked Ukrainians. This is valid for all recent years, but especially for these 10 months since the Russian blow.

Already in Washington, the president of Ukraine visited the White House. There, Biden expressed to his visiting counterpart a great truth: that the Ukrainian people “inspire the world.” He also endorsed the proclamation made by the prestigious magazine Timewhich in its number-summary of 2022 Declared Zelensky “Person of the Year”.

The generous Americans applied the well-known saying “Deeds are loves and not good reasons”. The presidential visit was a propitious occasion to announce a new military aid package of 1.85 billion dollars, in addition to another 374 million dollars of humanitarian aid. On this occasion, the war collaboration includes a battery of long-range Patriot missiles. This is a weapon requested by the Ukrainians for a long time, but only now, in the midst of the ferocious campaign of devastation just carried out on Putin’s orders, will it be supplied.

In the joint press conference that both leaders offered in the same White House, Zelensky heard from his host a public statement of enormous importance: “You can count on the full support of this country for as long as it takes. Americans across the board, Democrats and Republicans alike, understand deep down that the Ukraine fight is part of something much bigger.”

Immediately afterwards, the distinguished visitor moved to the Capitol, where he received the ovations of the federal congressmen, gathered in joint session to listen to him. “Ukraine is alive and kicking,” he said. This is a true statement that does not cease to cause astonishment when we take into account that it takes place after the aggression of a great border power.

After acknowledging before lawmakers that US aid is “vital” for Ukraine, Zelensky assured that his country “will never give up”, and made another accurate statement: “Economic aid to Ukraine is not charity; it is an investment in global security.” He also made a promise that fills all of us who condemn Putin’s aggression with hope; It was when he predicted that 2023 would be “a turning point.”

After the emotional speech, Kevin McCarthy, current leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, who is emerging as a probable president of that body when the newly elected legislators take office, made statements. “I support Ukraine, but I will not defend a blank check,” he said. Let’s hope that this type of approach, whose letter is unobjectionable, does not imply jeopardizing aid in the amount of 40 billion dollars that Congress plans to approve for the coming year.

But something very different think the rojillos. On the World Socialist Network Site (WSWS) they have a very different approach. In the paroxysm of self-confidence, those who have never criticized the brutal Russian invasion are now publishing that Zelensky’s speech was “written by the White House,” specifically, they say, by “a Biden administration speechwriter.”

These are Andre Damon’s statements. The communist down jacket describes as a “degrading and reactionary spectacle” what the Ukrainian president said, in particular the part in which he compared himself to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who also visited Washington after the attack on Pearl Harbor. And when he equated Putin’s aggression to those unleashed by Adolf Hitler.

It is astonishing to see these socialists talk about “imperialism”, but not to condemn the Russian dictator for his invasion, but to criticize NATO and blame this organization for having -supposedly- caused the current unfortunate events in Ukraine. Or talk about the “oligarchs” of the latter country, while not mentioning those who surround the current occupant of the Kremlin, who are characterized by their unlimited voracity and special ferocity.

In Cuba, the regime and its agitators continue to support Putin. However, it caught my attention to hear this Wednesday one of the Castroites speaking on the Television News about the “war in Ukraine.” Is this due to a new approach or is it that they simply forgot the ridiculous euphemism of “Special Military Operation” launched by the Russian dictator and which until now the Castroites have gladly repeated!

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