"I saw that some left when they found out that it was the Cuban vaccine"

"I saw that some left when they found out that it was the Cuban vaccine"

Until this Wednesday, Mexican doctors have applied 6,099 doses of the Cuban Abdala vaccine against covid, which has not yet been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Drugs are part of shipment of 4,092,500 who arrived to the International Airport of Mexico City on November 25.

“My husband and I are missing the reinforcement, yesterday (Wednesday) we went to the health module located in Mixcoac, with the intention of receiving the Pfizer vaccine, but they told us that there was only Abdala. In the end they did not give us the reinforcement because in After three hours we were there, only five people came together and to open a jar it takes ten,” Minerva Zuñiga told 14ymedio. “There are a lot of people but they go for the tests.”

In Mexico, in recent weeks, the number of infections has increased, so the use of face masks in closed places and public transport, as well as hand washing and the use of antibacterial gel, has been recommended. The Ministry of Health registered until December 19 28,547 new cases in all the country.

On the first day only 2,037 people received the Cuban formula in Mexico City, they must return in 14 days to receive the second of three doses.

This Wednesday the application of coronavirus vaccines began in the 18 mayors of Mexico City, where there are 9,404 infected. On the first day only 2,037 people received the Cuban formula, they must return in 14 days to receive the second of three doses.

José Torres, 59, was vaccinated at the health module located in Santa Úrsula Coapa. “At night I had a bit of a temperature and my arm hurt, but I already feel better. I don’t know if it’s the reaction, but they didn’t recommend anything for the discomfort, like when I received AstraZeneca,” he told this newspaper.

In Mexico City, 400,000 doses were distributed and, according to Joaquín Hernández, another of the capital’s who received the dose this Wednesday, the batch has an expiration date of June 2023. “I got vaccinated because there is no other, but I saw that some they left when they found out it was the one from the Cubans. I hope they don’t expire like the ones they threw out last year.”

In September the newspaper Reform denounced that more than 5 million coronavirus vaccines ‘ended up the drain’ because they expired. The Ministry of Health recognized that five million 41,050 of the biologicals of AstraZeneca and Sputnik “presented expired expiration” and these “were under the protection of Laboratorios de Biológicos y Reactivos de México (Birmex) SA de CV”.

That same month, Mexico made official the purchase from the Cuban government of nine million formulas against covid-19 and it was said that they would apply to children under five years of age.

According to reports from state health agencies, as of December 22, 1,084,100 doses of Abdala have been distributed for application. 400,000 doses were delivered to Mexico City, 104,600 to Baja California, 154,000 Michoacán, 24,400 Colima, 28,200 Campeche, 139,000 Oaxaca, 120,000 Coahuila and 114,000 Guerrero. The state of Veracruz confirmed the arrival of a shipment, but did not provide details of the number or its application, nor in Chihuahua.

In the states of Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, Nayarit, Durango, Nuevo León, Sonora and Baja California Sur, they do not offer details of the arrival of Cuban doses.

Movimiento Ciudadano deputy Francisco Sánchez Villegas expressed his discomfort at the arrival of Cuban doses in Ciudad Juárez. “This is an assassination attempt by the populist government. We cannot allow the life and health of citizens to be risked in this way,” he stressed.


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