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AMLO: “Attacks like Ciro’s harm the country, the President and democracy”

Emir Olivares and Alonso Urrutia

Newspaper La Jornada
Thursday December 22, 2022, p. 8

For the third consecutive day, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador referred to the attack on journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva. He emphasized that the investigation will go to the bottom, since it is not a State crime and the one who most harms this case is the country, the authority, the presidential figure and democracy.

In yesterday’s morning conference, the president assured that the authorities will give information about the aggression against the communicator and that the State institutions will act so that there is no impunity.

After a question about the economic forecasts, the man from Tabasco stressed that it is possible to know what happened in two ways: the first, because of the information that witnesses can provide, and the second, because it was not an act ordered by the State.

“It is very difficult to unravel when it is a State crime. That is complicated: knowing the whole truth about the assassination of (John F.) Kennedy, knowing the whole truth about the assassination of (Luis Donaldo) Colosio. But when it is not a State crime, the information is obtained, because the State agencies, which are there to do justice, act, there is no impunity.

So who is this good for? Well, first to Ciro, because imagine, an attack on life, on his life. To the owners of the information media where Ciro works, to all those who participate in politics and of course to the authority. And see if it’s not racketeering, racketeering or white collar crime. Who is harmed by such a thing? To the country and to the authority, to the President and to democracy.

Later he was asked if the pronouncements he makes against some journalists whom he considers opponents could increase the risk of attacks for them and for the entire union, to which the president stressed that he would be incapable of asking for someone to be assassinated.

The most important difference is that the State is no longer the one that violates human rights, as it was before. I would not be able, I dare not order to kill anyone.

Finally, he referred to the letter signed by several journalistic figures in support of Gómez Leyva. They take out a manifesto and I begin to read who signs… the same ones. How long have they been questioning us? Look at the manifesto and look at the names and see if one of them, one of them in the four years that we have been here has written something, not in favor, but balanced, in relation to us. None, none, pure against. It is even a timbre of pride.

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