With its recycling policy, Etesa manages to save one million 849 thousand kilowatt hours of energy

A campaign for the promotion and development of the proper disposal of waste through recycling is carried out by the Electric Transmission Company (ETESA), which seeks to maintain compliance with permanent recycling and energy saving policies.

With this recycling campaign in November, ETESA achieved significant savings of more than 6,544 liters of water, together with energy savings of more than 1,849,000 kilowatts per hour, with a direct benefit for our forests, lakes and the general public.

ETESA has managed to develop a series of plans and programs in five of its offices, headquarters in Plaza Sun Tower, National Dispatch Center, offices in Juan Díaz, Aguadulce and Chiriquí, in which they have established recycling deposit centers, guaranteeing the collection of materials such as cardboard, paper, metals, tetrapak containers, plastics and glass, in an initiative that translates into a direct benefit for caring for the environment.

Bearing in mind that a large amount of garbage and waste is generated in the month of December, ETESA, as a socially and environmentally responsible company, launches this campaign in which it recommends a series of actions for better waste disposal during these Christmas holidays. end of the year, such as:

  1. Materials such as cardboard, one of the most used in the gifts that are delivered in these celebrations, take them or deliver them to places where they are received for reuse, ETESA will have a cardboard deposit center at its main headquarters.
  2. It is recommended to deliver gifts in reusable bags, since the wrapping paper is not recyclable, producing substantial savings.
  3. Similarly, it recommends the use of reusable cutlery and plates, which also produces significant savings and minimizes environmental contamination.
  4. Important, that in offices all decoration with Christmas lights is disconnected at the end of the working day, and in the case of homes, it is recommended to do it before going to sleep, since this helps to save energy in a high percentage.
  5. Finally, the use of toys that are still in good condition must be part of donations so that other children can enjoy them, and give the toy itself a second use, instead of discarding it.
  6. Your natural Christmas trees can be transformed into fertilizer for the plants in your home. For this reason, Etesa together with the Mayor’s Office of Panama will receive on January 7 and 8, 2023, the natural trees for their transformation into compost or fertilizer, for those who wish and can reuse it in their garden.
    This will take place in the parking lots of the Etesa headquarters, Plaza Sun Tower in Ricardo J. Alfaro, next to Banco Nacional.

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