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Ministry of Labor signs decree to increase the minimum wage by 2023

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Ministry of Labor signs decree to increase the minimum wage by 2023

The Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, announced this Thursday that the decree was signed by means of which the increase in the minimum wage is set, which will take effect as of January 1, 2023.

(These are some rates and values ​​that would no longer go up with the minimum).

Although the increase had been announced a few days ago, only now has the decree been signed with which remains firm the salary adjustment that will be 16%, that is, it remains at $1,160,000 and the transportation aid will increase by 20%, reaching $140,000.

This figure was agreed on December 15 by employers, workers and the government, within the framework of the Permanent Commission for the Agreement on Salary and Labor Policies.

Minister Ramírez Ríos explained: “This time the minimum wage is protected regardless of the figure and for this we took five measures to protect it. The first is the de-indexation of the elements and activities that are tied to the minimum wage without justification and that allows these first 60 articles, where co-payments for health, prepaid medicine, notary expenses, fines, registration fees, transportation services, among others, who were tied to the minimum wage”.

(Increase in the minimum wage for 2023 will be 16%).

The other measures are related to energy rates, the prices of pharmaceutical products and a review of the usury rate.

Next week another 120 services will come out and the remaining 34 that must go to the National Development Plan, explained the head of the labor portfolio.

“We were able to do this in this Government of Change because we are very clear who we have to bet on: solid, large and sustainable companies, but without job and social precariousness”said Ramírez Ríos.

(The draft decree for the deindexation of the minimum wage is ready).

The Minister finally reiterated: “This was a historic agreement because for the first time, we talked about the protection of the purchasing power of the salary where the family basket of the poor is prioritized”.


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