Zelensky appeals to the Russian people to fight the war

Zelensky appeals to the Russian people to fight the war

Ukraine’s President Wolodymyr Zelensky made a new statement this Sunday (3), in which he addressed the Russian people and asked them to take a stand against the war.Zelensky appeals to the Russian people to fight the war

“Russian citizens, this is not just the fight for peace in Ukraine, but for the wealth you had in your country. If you keep silent, the misery that will speak for you in the future. Don’t be silent,” the president declared.

He reiterated that this is not a military operation, nor is it occasional, but a planned invasion. According to him, Russian soldiers captured by Ukrainian forces provided information that reinforces this thesis.

“Those people [do Exército russo] wanted to wipe out our cities. We had access to documents. That’s why this atrocity is taking place. They are dropping bombs, artillery, missiles. This is not an improvisation,” he said.

Zelensky claimed that Russia’s attacks on the country are in violation of international rules. “This will be a historic military crime,” he said.

In the speech, the Ukrainian president commented that his administration is planning measures of economic stimulus and support to the population with a view to the reconstruction of the country.

“We already know how we are going to rebuild and reform our Ukraine. We have created funds for this purpose, one for infrastructure, one for credit and one for small business aid, in addition to several programs that we are creating,” he said.

In Russia, several acts have been promoted against the war. But President Vladimir Putin has hardened. Protests have been harshly repressed. This week, he passed a new law censoring war-critical content, with a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

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