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Yucatan: governor promotes illegal reform of the Judiciary, they denounce

Andrea Becerril

Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday April 24, 2022, p. 7

The Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal, promotes a reform of the Constitution of that state which represents an attack on the Judiciary local, since the number of magistrates of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Yucatan rises from 11 to 17, who would be in office for 15 years, in addition to pretending that the judges who are now in office retire early, with liquidations that They will cost 80 million pesos, denounced senators from Morena.

The intention of the governor is to place at the head of those in charge of dispensing justice to friends and unconditional to overlook corruption in the state and settle disputes in favor of the real estate mafia that operates in Yucatan, commented Senator Verónica Camino Farjat.

He specified that the PAN Vila Dosal sent the initiative to the local Congress on April 8 and if approved (since it has a majority in the Legislative and could gather two thirds of the votes), it seriously violates the autonomy of the Judicial Power and the rights of the magistrates.

Currently, he specified, the magistrates are appointed for a period of six years, with the possibility of being ratified for nine more, which totals 15, but in the initiative this step is eliminated and the judges would be in office for those three decades in a row regardless of their performance.

It also goes over the magistrates of the Superior Court of the state, highlighted Senator Camino Farjat, since the reform intends that the 11 current members leave office, despite the fact that only three conclude this year. The other nine are pressured, since the transitory articles indicate that they will have 60 days to leave and if they accept, they will be given more than what corresponds to them as retirement assets. Otherwise, they will only receive the equivalent of one year. This will cost 80 million pesos, which they have saved in the budget.

The senator from Morena also stated that the initiative increases the causes of forced retirement of magistrates. Instead of doing it at 75 years of age, it will be at 70, and they must also retire after serving 15 years as magistrates. In case they have 25 years in the Judiciary, they will not be able to aspire to a magistracy, because they can only be 30 years in that power.

This is an attack against the professional development and human rights of those who work in the Judiciary, he stressed. He noted that Vila Dosal will have the power to appoint 17 magistrates of the Court of Justice and the three of the Electoral Court, and will thus be able to pay favors to friends and shield yourself at the end from corruption complaints.

He gave as an example the litigation in the Mayaland hotel, which is located in Chichén Itzá, between the current owners, the Barbachanos and the Rosas Moya family, very attached to the governor. There are many other cases like that. Senator Farjat warned that this aberration that the governor intends against the administration of justice.

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