Yeniset Rojas Pérez, joven

Young woman from Ranchuelo turns missing for two months

MIAMI, United States. – This Monday, the feminist platform Yo SíTeCreo in Cuba asked make the news go viral about the disappearance of the young Yeniset Rojas Pérez, who was last seen two months ago in Ranchuelo (Villa Clara), the town where she lived.

“His family is crying out for a response from the authorities. We ask for your support with this phrase from the writer Elena Poniatowska: ‘Death kills hope, but disappearance is intolerable because it neither kills nor lets live,’” the group of feminist activists posted on Facebook.

Previously, YoSíTeCreo in Cuba and the feminist magazine Tense Wings they had denounced in their networks the disappearance of Rojas Pérez. “He was wearing a gray lycra and a black coat with white stripes,” said the complaint, which also detailed that the young woman had been seen for the last time at 11:00 in the morning of March 19.

According to statements by her sister-in-law, Giselle Sobrino, to Cuban Journal, the case was reported to the Police 24 hours after the disappearance. “They have subpoenaed several people, they have investigated, they have met with us more than once a day. The neighbors have also searched on their own and there is no news,” he said.

According to the testimony of her relatives, the young woman disappeared after leaving her workplace and heading home, which she never arrived at. Since then her phone does not answer.

Yo SíTeCreo poster in Cuba to denounce the disappearance of Yeniset Rojas Pérez.

Rojas Pérez is also the sister of the Cuban playwright Yerandy Fleites, who has shown his frustration with the management of the authorities.

“Disappeared in Cuba for two months (3/18/22-5/18/2022), and counting, 1,464 hours and counting”, Fleites wrote on Facebook.

“It must be said, friends, that the high levels of police (of the MININT, of the National Directorate of the PNR), political (Council of State), and judicial (Office of the Attorney General of the Republic) are up to date thanks to a Report / Complaint / SOS that we have made, and it must be said that things have not changed at all”, lamented Fleites.

“We could even say that they have worsened, that the silence is greater and that there is no dialogue with the family: right now, for example, we don’t even know what, who, or who are facing the case,” he added.

In 2019, it also leaked to the press initially the disappearance and then the murder of Leydi Laura García Lugoa 21-year-old medical student, who was kidnapped on the highway, on her way home, in the town of Esperanza (Ranchuelo).

So far this year, at least 11 women have been murdered on the Island because of the sexist violence.

Until the end of 2021, some 30 women had been killed in Cuba for gender reasons, according to independent sources such as Yo SíTeCreo, Tense Wings and the Cuban Women’s Network.

However, the seriousness and number of femicide crimes on the Island can only be assumed from the reports of activist groups and independent media, given that the State does not publish regular statistics on gender-based violence on the Island.

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