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Young parliamentarians articulate proposals for legislative work

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Young parliamentarians articulate proposals for legislative work

The deputy of the National Assembly (AN), Kenny García, explained in the program coffee in the morning, which broadcasts Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the scope of the Young Parliamentarians Network, which was installed this Thursday in the Federal Legislative Palace. In this sense, he expressed that “council members, legislators participated, we incorporated community parliamentarians from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the Great Patriotic Pole.”

“There are 700 young people, from 18 years old, who assume the parliamentary reins in order to promote legislation for the youth and for the people.” For two days, 10 work tables were set up with the participation of youth from all the states of the country.

The topics addressed were: the construction of an agenda for the Young Parliamentarians Network; the role of the Network and where we are going; national legislation; street social parliamentarism; communication and how, from the youth sector, it is immersed; social control; communal economy agenda; public services 1×10 of the Good Government; revolutionary ethics, and fight against corruption.

The participants meet in the Dario Vivas Plenary Hall, in Parque Central. He stressed that it is “the first time that communal parliamentarians have joined.”

“Each one of the spokespersons of the tables will be in the closing plenary, to give a summary of these tables, and there the founding statutes of this Network will be read, which begins today, and we are going to install it in the states ”, indicated the parliamentarian.

“That what is raised, and what is consulted, in the National Assembly, can be discussed, downstream, in each of the legislative councils, and also in the commune,” said García.


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