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EL DEBER publishes a special edition on Sunday, July 9 of the Merco Ranking 2022

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EL DEBER publishes a special edition on Sunday, July 9 of the Merco Ranking 2022

July 7, 2023, 23:03 PM

July 7, 2023, 23:03 PM

The EL DEBER Group will publish a special edition this Sunday, July 9, Merco Ranking of Companies and Leaders Bolivia 2022. The companies leading the study are: National Bolivian Brewery (1st)followed by Farmacorp (2nd) and Sofia (3rd).

The top 10 is completed by Embol Coca-Cola (4th), Tigo (5th), Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz (6th), Banco Nacional de Bolivia (7th), PIL Andina (8th), Imcruz (9th), and Hipermaxi (10th).

Taking business sectors into account. They stand out in agribusiness: Guabirá Sugar Mill, Automotive: Imcruz, Food: Sofía, Beverages: Cervecería Boliviana Nacional, in Pharmacy Chain: Farmacorp, Footwear: Manaco, Clinics: Foianini and Construction: Itacamba.

While in Consultants PWC stands out, Cooperatives of Public Services the CRE, Personal care: NatureFinancial Institutions: Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz, Packaging: Empacar, Delivery: Orders Now, Training: UPSA, Hydrocarbons: Repsol and Holding: Grupo Bisa.

In the Hospitality and Tourism sectors leads Hotel Los Tajibos, in Metallurgical Industry: Monterrey, Commercial Industry: Kimberly Clark Bolivia, Logistics Industry: DHL, Laboratories: Health, Mining: Minera San Cristóbal, Retail: Ventura Mall Insurance: Nacional Seguros.

While Hipermaxi is the first in Supermarkets, Samsung in Technology, Tigo in Telecommunications and Amaszonas in Passenger Transport.

In the media, the EL DEBER Group is recognized for the third consecutive year as the first in its category. The study highlights its contribution to the community and ethical behavior. In addition, its innovation and competitive strategy.

business leaders

The data provided by the leader monitor confirms the proportional relationship that exists between the most reputable companies and the valuation of their leaders. In the results of Merco Líderes 2022, the manager with the greatest reputation in Bolivia is Mario Anglarill Salvatierra (1st) [Sofía]followed by Rosario Paz Gutiérrez (2nd) [Farmacorp], Pablo Bedoya (3rd) [BNB], Pablo Guardia (4th) [Tigo]Cristóbal Roda (5th) [Aguaí-Ingenio Sucroalcoholero],Ibo Blazicevic (6th) [CBN]Samuel Doria Medina Monk (7th) [Hotel Los Tajibos]Ivo Kuljis (8th) [Grupo Kuljis]Mario Anglarill Serrate (9th) [Avícola Sofía] and Hebert Vargas (10th) [Embol Coca Cola].

In the top ten of women leaders, María del Rosario Paz from Farmacorp repeats in first place, then there are Cecilia Zelaya, former country manager of Yanbal (2nd), Lauren Müller from UPSA (3rd), María Eugenia Gutiérrez (Farmacorp) ( 4th), María Renee Centellas (5th), Ximena Parada (Farmacorp) (6th), Michele Noriega (Imcruz) (7th), Liliana Castellanos (Liliana Castellanos) (8th), Sandra Bruno (Cerabol) (9th) and Nadia Eid de National Insurance (10th).

Merco Empresas y Líderes Bolivia 2022 was born after carrying out an exhaustive analysis to 337 executives of large companies, 50 business area professors, 35 economic information journalists42 financial analysts, 46 union representatives, 52 NGO representatives, 62 social media managers, 36 Dircoms and opinion leaders and 1,000 consumers.

Merco, a reference reputation monitor in Latin America, has had three evaluations and eight sources of information in this tenth edition of Merco Empresas y Líderes Bolivia. A methodology verified through an independent review by KPMG, in accordance with the ISAE 3000 standard. For this reason Merco does not make public the position of KPMG in the ranking of companies.

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