When is Father’s Day in Uruguay in 2023?

The Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay determined that the next sunday july 9 the Father’s Dayfather In uruguay.

The day is awaited with great expectation by merchants from all over the country.

According to a 2021 survey, 62% of companies established that their results in terms of sales were online with previous expectations, while 25% stated that their sales were vastly higher.

The chosen ones for parents

Clothing and household appliances are the sectors that are most boosted as a result of Father’s Day. “These are the two items in which the needle moves the most at this time,” said the economist of the Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay (CCSU), Ana Laura Fernández. Of the two, clothing is the one that established itself and grew the fastest, a trend that according to the Chamber of Commerce would be accentuated with the celebration dedicated to Uruguayan fathers.

In the case of household appliances, there is still a long way to go. According to the indicators that the CCSU attends to, the category is stagnant, so the tribute to parents is an important opportunity.

When is Father’s, Child and Son’s Day?

Children’s Day, also called Children’s Day, will be celebrated on August 13.

After the middle of the year, Children’s Day will also be commemorated, which in 2023 is set for October 8.

As reported by the business union, the dates were determined in conjunction with the shopping centers and associated unions.

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