Maduro renews the FAN without touching Padrino, who will be in command of the Defense for nine years

Maduro renews the FAN without touching Padrino, who will be in command of the Defense for nine years

At the ceremony, 1,015 professional officers graduated receiving the rank of corvette lieutenants, while Maduro made official the promotion of the 1990 class of the FAN to the active reserve

President Nicolás Maduro led a graduation ceremony of the National Armed Forces (FAN) and the promotion to the Active Reserve of the promotions of the year 1990, the date on which he defined changes in the structure of the military corps, although once again ratifying Vladimir Padrino López at the head of the Ministry of Defense.

“I have decided to ratify, due to his values ​​of honesty, morality, professionalism and military leadership, General in Chief Vladimir Padrino López, at the head of the Ministry of Defense,” Maduro announced after closing the graduation ceremony.

In this way, the two highest positions of the FAN remain unchanged, since they also ratified the head of the Strategic Operational Command (Ceofan), General in Chief Domingo Hernández Lárez, who has shown a lot of activity in recent days. with operations in national parks to combat illegal mining.

«I have decided to ratify the Strategic Operational Command, in the midst of the battle that is waging to recover the Venezuelan jungle, the national parks, the Amazon; in the midst of the battle against criminal gangs, the liberation of the coasts and the achievements of combat capacity on the ground, to our general in chief Domingo Antonio Hernández Lárez », he reported.

Regarding the five components dependent on the FAN, four underwent rotations:

  • In the Army, Major General José Antonio Murga Batista was appointed, replacing Major General Félix Ramón Osorio Guzmán.
  • The Bolivarian Navy receives Admiral Neil Jesús Villamizar Sánchez, replacing Admiral Aníbal José Brito Hernández.
  • Regarding Aviation, Maduro decided to ratify Major General Santiago Alejandro Infante Itriago, who will complete his second year in command of the component.
  • For the National Guard, Major General Elio Ramón Estrada Paredes assumes the general command, who replaced Major General Juvenal José Fernández López.
  • Finally, in the case of the Bolivarian National Militia, Major General Javier José Marcano Tábata was appointed, replacing Wistohor Gregorio Chourio Andrade.

“What good leaders we have in the National Armed Forces, a leadership on foot, moral, patriotic, hardworking, who knows what sacrifice, effort and loyalty are,” Maduro declared in the middle of the announcements.

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Graduated 1,015 FAN officers

The announcements were made during the joint graduation ceremony for the different categories of FAN command, technicians, and troops, as well as the promotion to active reserve of the 1990 promotions.

At the ceremony, 1,015 professional officers who were trained in the country’s military preparation system graduated, receiving the rank of corvette lieutenant.

89 officers graduated as Surgeons of the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo promotion; 35 with the title of graduates in Nursing from the Bicentennial promotion of the Battles of Bomboná and Pichincha; and 896 officers from the Bicentennial promotion of the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo.

“1,015 professional officers are graduating who have completed all the studies in the military preparation system of the highest university level in our country and that is known in Latin America and the Caribbean,” Maduro declared.

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