Young man gunned down by a policeman: "They attempted against my life"

Young man gunned down by a policeman: "They attempted against my life"

Protecting his identity, the 19-year-old who last night was pointed with a firearm by a policeman, appeared in the digital medium Clave 300 stating that he was hit and that he is affected by the impact.

In the video that circulates on the networks, the young man is seen riding a bicycle and without no type of object or weapon, being attacked by three cops. While one tries to take his bike from him, another shakes him and, after retreating, returns and aims at him less than 8 inches from his chest with what appears to be a riot shotgun.

The young man was helped and released thanks to neighbors who calmed down and recorded the policemen.

That is an abuse. They attempted against my life by pointing a gun at me “, the boy declared to the aforementioned medium.

Too He reported that the event happened in the Three Thousand Plan, where he was traveling back to his home. Upon seeing the clashes between a group that was blocking and another that rejected the strike, the young man stopped and was approached by members of the Police Operations Tactical Unit (UTOP).

“They beat me and tried to get into the police van and take my bicycle from me; they pointed a gun at me. I am suffering psychological damage,” added the victim.

The governor demands respect from the population

Luis Fernando Camacho ruled on the fact, demanding sanctions for the policeman who pointed “at a defenseless citizen with a firearm.”

“We urge the institution to issue a public apology for that shameful act. “

He also announced that parliamentarians they will take steps so that the event does not go unpunished.

We will not tolerate disrespect to our people and intimidate, “he added.

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