Fallece el joven Fanuel Castillo, guerrero contra la enfermedad de Milroy

Young Fanuel Castillo dies, warrior against Milroy disease

Santo Domingo .- The young Fanuel Castillo passed away yesterday, 21 years old, who from the age of 9 months was diagnosed with suspected congenital lymphedema, Milroy Disease, a rare syndrome in the country that affects the lymphatic system and against whom he fought every second of his life.

Castillo inspired many to fight for life while there is air in the lungs, because in the midst of his overwhelming daily routine he took the opportunity to encourage others and thank God for the little things he could still enjoy.

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Ten months ago “El Joven Guerrero” as he was also known, told El Día that he dreamed of being a pilot in the Dominican Air Force, however his dream was disrupted when his kidneys stopped working and he was forced to receive chemotherapy. hemodialysis for 4 hours, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this strictly and drink only one bottle of water a day, since not doing so would put his life at risk.

The war to live intensified on August 9, 2018 when doctors accidentally punctured his right lung, while they tried to place a permanent catheter, a fact in which he almost lost his life.

However, Fanuel never lost hope of a better tomorrow, and despite the economic difficulties to cover his treatment, he enlightened those around him and planted in them the seed of love with phrases such as: “I am grateful because God always sends me angels when I am more depressed, so I don’t think about the disease but about the solution, “said Fanuel while a tear slipped down one of his cheeks.

His mother, Sarah Casado, and other family members will always remember him as an eternal warrior, who demonstrated on the battlefield that love can heal the deepest wounds of the soul.

His remains will be buried tomorrow at 10:00 AM in the Cristo Redentor Cemetery.

Milroy’s disease

In the words of the internist, nephrologist Yeara Metz who works in the Salud Siglo XXI hemodialysis unit, pleural effusion is nothing more than the accumulation of fluid in the pleural space, tissue that covers and protects the lungs.

«In the case of Milroy, the accumulated fluid is lymphatic fluid, it is a chronic pleural effusion that always persists, in different quantities. And it occurs due to the inability of the lymphatic system to absorb the liquid that accumulates»exposes the specialist.

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