Yacuiba: MAS councilor says that the cool car she was driving was borrowed

Yacuiba: MAS councilor says that the cool car she was driving was borrowed

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The councilor of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) in the municipality of Yacuiba, Tarija, Vania Sánchez said yesterday that the undocumented white car she was driving was borrowed to carry out the activities that she has within the commune. The vehicle was seized by police last Wednesday.

“Although on certain occasions I have been seen driving this car, it is because my co-workers within the Municipal Council lent me this and that on occasions it was to transport us to other places and they also lent me so that I can carry out my different activities. that I have within the Council. It is the only relationship I have with this vehicle,” said the councilor in an interview with the Infórmate Chaco media outlet.

On Wednesday, members of the Tarija Vehicle Theft Prevention Directorate (Diprove) kidnapped a white vehicle that was parked on the Yacuiba Municipal Council property for investigative purposes. Local media reported that the motorized car belonged to Councilor Sánchez and was allegedly reported stolen in Argentina, however, the Police ruled out that aspect and reported that it is an undocumented car (chuto).

In this regard, Sánchez emphasized that he does not have any vehicle in his name. However, he also did not specify who is the owner of the undocumented car he was driving.

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“This vehicle is not my property, I do not have a vehicle, I have not bought any car so far, therefore, there is none registered in my name and that can be verified in the corresponding systems,” he said.

The councilor argued that this type of information is intended to “affect her image” for being from the MAS. She announced that she will present the corresponding defenses.

For their part, members of Diprove reported on the day of the kidnapping of the motorcycle driver that this action was carried out due to suspicions of possible irregularities that should be investigated.

During the week, Diprove carried out a series of control operations in the country, after journalists from Chile revealed in a report that cars stolen in their country were interned in Bolivia for sale, in which police officers were involved.

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