Worthy Gonzalez;  “The squad is in very good spirits”

Worthy Gonzalez; “The squad is in very good spirits”

Digno González, striker for Sportivo Luqueño (19 points), evaluates the next game against Trinidense, who is the leader of the Intermediate Division championship (22 points).

The auriazul team needs a victory to reach the top. González was not called up in the last game against Pastoreo and hopes to be taken into account for this key game.

Are you back against Trinidense?

I was resting the game that happened. So far we don’t know yet since we haven’t touched the tactical part yet. We are still working on the physical part and the reactions.

Did you tell Professor Zahzú that you scored goals against Trinidense last year?

I think he is aware of that. He knows everything and he knows all the statistics. In the year there were four goals that I scored against Trinidense.

How are you emotionally?

So far I couldn’t convert. I am with that desire to convert my first goal, working to the maximum to be able to reach that goal.

How is the team mentally?

Mentally we are all fine. It’s a pretty good group, very healthy as they say, happy. You work game after game. We know very well that each team that comes to play against us tries their best and brings out all the potential they have. The next game they are the same club they are sometimes.

How are you to play this Monday?

I’m fine, 100% physically, without any discomfort and emotionally I’m also always prepared for any call from the teacher.

Is the psychological aspect important to cope with downturns?

Yes like that. I have the support of my whole family, my teammates and the coaching staff as well and that is fundamental.

You are playing center forward, do you feel comfortable there?

Well, well, sometimes I have to play more alone up front. But depending on the result, you try to collaborate with the team and go down further. He cares more about defending the result than standing on top. But I feel much better being up between the two center backs.

How do you get along with Marisi? you played many matches with him…

I get on well with Pablo. We have an understanding and a very good relationship in football and outside of it.

What message can you tell the fans?

That they continue supporting, that the players need the constant support. The goals will come, as I always say, at the most anticipated moment, when the team needs the most, that goal that everyone is waiting for.

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