Work experience will be recognized for interns

Work experience will be recognized for interns

In an extraordinary edition of the legal norms, the law was published that recognizes the and professionals carried out by students and graduates of universities and non-university higher education as work experience.

“The pre-professional internships carried out by higher education students from public or private institutions for a period of not less than three months or until the student acquires the status of a graduate, are recognized as work experience,” the law indicates.

In the case of graduates, the internships they carry out will be recognized for up to a maximum of 24 months.

The law is good news for young people, although experts make some observations. Ana Roque, a labor lawyer at Atalla Legal, explained to this newspaper that, “as the Ministry of Labor has already advanced before Congress, the impact will not be as expected. In the private sector it is almost nil. In the public sector there could be some effect because recruitment is more regulated there”, he indicated and considered that an analysis of the problem of youth employment should have been carried out.

Meanwhile, the laborist Ricardo Herrera He stated that the norm could be considered unconstitutional because it does not include those who are in job training.

“It is discriminatory because it gives interns, but what about apprentices or young people with work capacity for a job and are not students”, he warned.

Keep in mind

– Graduates from 2019 to 2022 will be able to accredit internships up to 24 months after the health emergency is lifted.

-“The pre-professional internships and continuity of professionals carried out by students in the same institution are recognized cumulatively”, says the law.

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