Women's movement asked for the freedom of Alex Saab

Women’s movement asked for the freedom of Alex Saab

Members of the Women’s Movement of Carabobo state held a Forum in support of the request for the release of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, who has been illegally detained in the United States for almost two years.

The event took place yesterday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy and Tourism of the central entity. It was attended by the diplomat’s wife, Camilla Fabri Saab, who exposed the human rights violations to which her husband has been subjected; She then thanked the support of the participants who decided to join the cause that seeks to defend her family.

“I am grateful to these women warriors, these women leaders who are giving me their solidarity.”

For his part, the Secretary of Productive Economy and Tourism of the Government of Carabobo, Gustavo Gutiérrez, stated that “Alex Saab stood up in favor of a people, in favor of the boys and girls of Venezuela to bring them their food, to bring them his medicine and that was his only crime.”

The ladies pledged to continue raising their voices until Saab is released.

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