First Confech march of the year: students demand an increase in Junaeb amounts

First Confech march of the year: students demand an increase in Junaeb amounts

In a new day of student demonstrations, which have been taking over the Alameda these days: yesterday for the cases of harassment and abuse that have been made known in different schools in the capital -the last one in the National Institute-. And today, officially, the Confederation of Students of Chile, Confech, called a national strike for the JUNAEB food scholarships, whose amount of $32,000 has been maintained for ten years, leaving thousands of students the maximum expense of $1,600 per day to pay for their food.

“It’s not 32 Lucas, it’s 32 years,” they claim from social networks, “today nobody has lunch with one thousand six hundred pesos.”

The first official student march in the Government of President Gabriel Boric, has as its motives the dignity in education, the freedom of the prisoners of the outbreak and, mainly, the demand for an increase in BAES scholarships, which has been maintained for ten years frozen in the same amount.

Along these lines, the resignation of the director of the National School Aid and Scholarship Board (Junaeb), Jaime Tohá, who comes from the previous government, is also required.

March in Santiago, called at 10:30 am.

Noemí Quintana, president of the Student Federation of the University of Santiago and spokesperson for Confech, consigned Cooperative a week ago, when they announced the strike, that the mobilization is the way they have to pressure the authorities and achieve this increase in the food scholarship, which they hope will be set in Unidades de Fomento, with a base floor of 2 UF, that covers the months of January and February, and, in addition, to be able to extend the places for its use.

The Confech, for its part, also met this Monday with the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, to address the issues that they consider to be still pending, such as the cancellation of the Credit with the CAE State Guarantee, the extension of free and a non-sexist education. In these points they ask that work groups can be formed with the Ministry of Education.

March in Valparaiso:

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