Entre más alto es el puesto, la diferencia de ingresos es mayor.

Women assume wage discrimination from application

On average, male Ecuadorians apply for a vacancy with a salary aspiration of $ 834; women aspire to earn $ 779 per month in the same positions.

The wage gap Come in men and women it is a reality that deepened with the pandemic. However, the differences start even before you start working.

Thus, during the selection process to obtain a job, Ecuadorians apply to a salary between 7% and 10% lower than Ecuadorians.

According to an analysis by the company Multitrabajos, on average, men establish $ 834 per month as their wage aspiration; while women aim for $ 779.

Rosa Vernaza, an entrepreneur, commented that from the starting point, due to the difficulties of access to the labor market and the lack of opportunities, Ecuadorian women accept lower income in exchange for avoiding unemployment and informality

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC), 73% of the women in the Economically Active Population (EAP) they are unemployed or in precarious employment. In the case of mens, the percentage reaches 61%.

This reality also carries over to the moment of applications for a vacancy. On average, 62% of applicants are male; while 38% are women.

For the highest-ranking positions, such as managers, directorships, and chiefdoms, the percentage of Ecuadorian applicants falls to 31%. This, according to Vernaza, deepens the wage gaps because in those positions are the best income within the labor market.

Thus, a boss or supervisor can aspire to a salary of at least $ 1,283; while positions in middle management average $ 804, and at the bottom of the scale (where there is more participation of women) the median income is $ 550. (JS)


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