Woman realized that her husband still loved her ex and proposed to live the three

Woman realized that her husband still loved her ex and proposed to live the three

Most people are in monogamous relationships, with women seeking fidelity and respect by their partners, however, is quite the opposite of what happened in the India, where a woman asked her husband to come back with Your ex, and that they lived in the same House.

For a good relationship to last, there must be a good communication and privacy, since as the saying goes; “He who gets married has a house” to advance in the objectives that they have as a couple.

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However, some leave the myths aside, and are more open with their partner in their love life, like what happened in the India, when a woman found out that her husband still loved her ex and decided to propose that the three of them get tired so that he could be happy.

Kaylian the man who agreed to his wife’s offer Vimala now has two wives, including Nitya Sree, whom could never forget.

The man in India is known for creating content for different platforms like YouTube and Share Chat.

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A newspaper from that country affirms that after a while his wife was realizing some changes that her partner was having with her, to the point of always being in a bad mood. When she found out that her current partner loved her ex, she decided to look for her and make her a proposal that she was not expecting, all in order to see her husband happy.

Now there are no longer two, but three who will accompany the house in India. For this event, the trio of loves is viral in the Middle East.

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