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NGOs come together to demand that the Cuban regime end the repression of popular protests

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MADRID, Spain.- Twenty NGOs demanded that the repression in Cuba be ended and that the human rights of the participants in the recent popular protests be respected.

Through a release published this week expressed their “concern about the growing climate of hostility, abuse and arbitrary arrests towards those who have demonstrated peacefully.”

The text recalls that in the protests that occurred during the last days Cubans demanded the restoration of basic services such as electricity and water, interrupted in almost the entire island after the passage of Hurricane Ian.

“Díaz-Canel criminalized the demonstrators, assured that ‘these situations will be dealt with with the rigor of the law,’ and resorted to actions of dissuasion and repression towards the population that took to the streets. This is how State Security agents, Rapid Response Brigades, boys from active military service, state officials and others who showed up at points where the protesters were to confront them were deployed,” the organizations denounced.

“For the signatory organizations, the intimidation and physical violence exerted towards those who demonstrated in recent days is inadmissible. We denounce the use of extreme violence against demonstrators, artists, cultural managers, activists and other people who took to the streets to exercise their right to freedom of expression and assembly,” the statement added.

In their text, the organizations recalled that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has indicated that States are obliged to guarantee and facilitate the exercise of human rights that are exercised during demonstrations and protests, as well as to implement measures and mechanisms so that these can be practiced without obstacles.

“We claim the right of the Cuban people to demand, through peaceful protest, the solution to the lack of elementary services, and above all, to participate in the public affairs of their country,” said the signatories, and demanded to the Government of Miguel Díaz-Canel “the cessation of all acts of intimidation, aggression and violations of the human rights of the people who have demonstrated and the immediate release of those who remain detained.”

The document was signed by ARTICLE 19, Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), the National Press Association, the Center for Leadership and Development Studies (CELIDE), the Center for Civil and Political Rights (CCPR-Centre), Cubalex, Fundamedios, Hypermedia Magazine, the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Press, the Institute for Press and Freedom of Expression, the Institute for Press and Society Peru, the Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights, Justice 11J, the World Organization Against Torture, the Women’s Platform, PEN International, Prisoners Defenders and Voces del Sur.

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