Woman arrested for theft of safe in apartment

Agents attached to the North Regional Investigation Subdirectorate of the National Policebased in Puerto Plata, arrested a woman accused of stealing a safe that was inside the room of an apartment in the municipality of Las Terrenas, province of Samaná.

According to a press release, the detainee is Yadalin Divanna Martinez “La Gata”26, who was persecuted for having stolen from the closet in the main room of the apartment, the safe that contained three laptop computers, four passports of French nationality, four driver’s licenses, the sum of 3,000 dollars and 2,000 euros.

The police report indicates that the theft was captured by the surveillance cameras of the property.

The detainee, when questioned by the authorities, admitted her responsibility in the robbery and assured that the stolen money was spent on personal matters and the other things were sold in the Dajabón area.

When being purged in the police files, Martínez “La Gata” appears with 12 different records for the crime of robbery, for which it will be sent to the Samaná investigation division, to later be subjected to justice.

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