Without agreements, social sectors and the Government will meet again

Without agreements, social sectors and the Government will meet again

Although at the end of the dialogue, Leonidas Iza, de la Conaie; and Alexandra Vela, Minister of Government, mentioned the word agreement, then they retracted. The Government will review the issue of fuels and they will meet again.

Almost six hours lasted dialogue between social sectors and government representatives, led by Guillermo Lasso, President of the Republic. In conclusion: they did not reach an agreement. In 15 days, according to Leonidas Iza, President of the Conaie, they will meet again.

However, Iza and Alexandra Vela, who was relaxed at the end of the meeting, said they agreed on three points: credit, price control of agricultural inputs and bicultural bilingual education.

“We can say agreement when the six points are encompassed, while they are match points”Said Alexandra Vela. Meanwhile, Iza said: “There is a lot of progress, but there is no agreement.”

The strongest point is the subsidy for fuels. “The price of fuel we leave in the hands of the President. In 15 days we will have the answer. We proposed: $ 1.50 for diesel and $ 2.10 for gasoline ”. There are also no agreements on “fuels, mining and oil,” Vela said. (JG)

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