Council only recommends that the hospital work not be restarted

Council only recommends that the hospital work not be restarted

The final report of the Infrastructure Commission among its first recommendations ordered to demand that the executive of the GRT refrain from initiating any procedure to relaunch the execution of the Unanue hospital work, however, by a majority of the Regional Council, it was approved to withdraw the word demand and just recommend.

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According to the Regional Agreement, this recommendation is as long as the technical and regulatory aspects are not considered, be it by contract, direct administration or mixed modality.

For counselor Chambi the hospital does not go

However, for the president of this commission, Jesús Chambi Flores, this work should not be restarted this year or the next, but rather for the next management because he says that with the current one there are no guarantees since they did not raise the observations to the infrastructure and there is no clarity on investment expenses.

“I see that they are desperate to tender, similar to Addendum 6 because they want to be among the best spending capacity cadres,” he said, explaining that the S / 60 million that the GRT has available and that it wants to use for the relaunch, will not be lost from the everything, but they will be reversed but then they will be returned – prior support – because the project “has a first and last name.”

Regarding the conclusions of the report, it specifies that the specialist Luis Espínola Carranza must issue a certificate that guarantees that the work can continue, noting that it recommended three aspects that it says were not raised, which generates a critical situation since They are elements and structures on which the building is based.

MIRA: Mixed modality for the execution of the hospital’s work balance

They indicate that key personnel are required to prepare the file, evaluate the capacity and operational experience of the GRT to carry out this complex work, and ensure the budget allocation.

They question that there is no evidence of participation of the PRONIS of the Minsa with a favorable opinion.

Report Recommendations

In addition to the fact that the work is not restarted, the directors approved requiring the GRT not to incur functional misconduct or fraud since they maintain that there is no technical-economic certainty that the execution of the work is carried out with technical and qualified opinions.

They also require the situational report of the administrative and criminal proceedings against the officials who allowed the current situational status of the work; and they will inform the Comptroller’s Office to verify the implementation of the recommendations.

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