With massive concentration, AMLO mobilizes its electoral structure towards 2024

With massive concentration, AMLO mobilizes its electoral structure towards 2024

Political scientists consulted by Political Expansion They consider that being a president who enjoys a citizen approval greater than 50%, he would not have to summon Mexicans to express their support for him, however, he does so for an electoral purpose and that is summarized in the succession of 2024.

“The president is involved in the logic of the next presidential election. He learned in the PRI that if one does not keep the electoral structures mobilized, these structures look for other loyalties, so what the president seeks is to maintain that link with these structures to have them at the end of Morena, ”says political scientist Gustavo López Montiel, professor from the Tec de Monterrey School of Government.

Surveys that measure electoral preferences towards the 2024 electoral process give Morena the advantage. A survey of The financial gives Morena and allies 50% of the voting intention, followed by the PAN, PRI and PRD bloc who have 37% of the preferences.

These types of calls made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador are usually attended by citizens on their own feet, but thousands are also beneficiaries of social programs such as the Pension for Older Adults, Young People Building the Future, scholarship students and working mothers, areas where it is found the social base of the federal president.

In the march on November 27, streets near Paseo de la Reforma, from where the mobilization began, were turned into parking lots. Buses from all parts of the City took citizens to that area. In charge of each bus was a man or woman identified with a burgundy vest, the characteristic color of Morena, who “called roll call” to the attendees.

Both the arrival and the return is guaranteed for those who attend these concentrations, also during the transfer they are given food and even in some cases payments of 200 or 300 pesos.

The filling “61” of the Zócalo

In concentrations like the one this Saturday, the party moves its machinery and resources to mobilize citizens. The national leadership of Morena, governors, deputies, officials, all join the cause: fill the Zócalo for the President of the Republic.

Some earmarked resources to pay for the transport of supporters from any state in the country, others contributed and mobilized national servants to “upholster” the city with propaganda and incidentally offer payments for attending the event and some more paid for the paint of fences to convene to “Everyone to the Zócalo”.

Fences located in the Venustiano Carranza City Hall were used to promote the concentration next Saturday in the Zócalo.
In different parts of the city, fences have been painted to invite citizens to attend the Zócalo on March 18.

Prior to the mobilization this Saturday, federal deputies allocated part of their allowance to pay for buses to transport citizens from anywhere in the country.

“And of course we are going to attend there and surely I am aware that, because several deputies have let me know, that they are going to allocate part of their diet to be able to be present and with them some of the colleagues who want to come too and who in solidarity The deputies support his transfer,” said the coordinator of the federal deputies of Morena, Ignacio Mier.

In fact, they are events that cost money and are done because the president wants to and incidentally serve as practice towards election day to be held in 15 months.

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