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Twelve days missing: Dairon’s family continues to search for him

Mexico City, Mexico.- Dairon Quiala Artilez, 21 years old, has been missing since last Monday, March 6 in Havana, his aunt Ariadna Quiala confirmed to Cubanet. Today his parents went to the Güinera delegation to request information and they were arrested, accused of contempt.

Quiala explained to this outlet that his brother and sister-in-law only wanted answers about the whereabouts of their son and that the authorities’ solution was to arrest them.
“We have searched everywhere for him, but no one saw him, and no one knows anything. The police don’t give us any information either. My brother, his father, is going to go crazy if he does not have an answer as to what happened to him, ”commented the family member to this medium.
The young man, a resident of La Güinera, left his home and did not contact anyone again. His phone has been turned off for 12 days. Which worries his relatives even more, who affirm that Dairon did not try to leave the country in a boat, nor had he had this type of behavior before.

The aunt added that he hadn’t had any problems with anyone either, so she ruled out revenge. “He is a very sociable young man and everyone loves him,” she says.
The relatives have decided to go out themselves and check the areas surrounding La Güinera. “We also went to a mountain by Lenin Park. We got to the dam and nothing. The police tell us that there is a process and that we must wait,” said Dairon’s relative.
Relatives have requested that any information be contacted at the numbers: 51122209 or 58015078.

In general, it is recommended to publish missing person alerts as soon as possible as there is a better chance that they will be found safely. The Cuban state does not implement any mechanism to make visible the cases of missing persons, not even if they are children, like the Amber alert, used in many countries. That is why citizens go to social networks looking for help, although it is not always successful.
In several recently reported cases people absent from home appeared safelybut in others unfortunately they had a fatal outcome.
Last month they found the lifeless body of the Camagüey taxi driver Guperto Rafael Cánovas, whom they murdered to steal his car.

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