With its new cooperation strategy, the EU will donate $ 117 million to Bolivia

With its new cooperation strategy, the EU will donate $ 117 million to Bolivia

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With its new cooperation strategy, the European Union (EU) announced this Monday that it approved the donation to Bolivia of 117 million dollars for the 2021-2024 plan.

“The funds that are delivered as a donation will be focused for the most part on supporting national efforts to promote the fight against climate change and favor the protection of the environment through sustainable and socially inclusive economic growth”, reported the EU, through a statement.

The program with Bolivia is the largest that the EU has in Latin America. It is expected that with the financing, the European bloc will also make new financing tools available to Bolivia, such as blending operations and guarantees, through the European Fund for Sustainable Development Plus.

“These operations will make it possible to use the EU donation resources to leverage and promote private investments, thus multiplying the resources available for the development of the country,” said the bloc of nations.

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The new Multiannual Indicative Plan 2021-2024 is a ratification of the EU’s relationship with the country since 1995 and it is expected that, at the end of the cycle, a review of cooperation will define the continuity of support until 2027.

“Since 1995, the EU has supported Bolivia with around one billion euros. Added to this is the recent signing of two financing agreements, for a total of around 60 million dollars for comprehensive development programs with coca leaf. and fight against the trafficking of illicit substances “, specified the EU.

These funds, for the most part, are deposited in the General Treasury of the Nation (TGN) under commitments of results agreed in the development plans of the Bolivian Government.

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