With a trap, they steal an older adult's guide dog in Bogotá

With a trap, they steal an older adult’s guide dog in Bogotá

Security cameras recorded the moment when sarcoa purebred dog chow chow, was robbed by criminals last Sunday, January 30, in the neighborhood Villa de los Alpes, in the town of San Cristóbal.

The images show the moment in which a man and a woman have a dog, apparently in heat, in order to attract the dog that is on the road. Once they manage to get her attention, the criminals manage to capture him by force with a leash until they finally take him away from the place.

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According to Paola Cuéllar Pachón, who made the complaint public, at the time of the robbery Sarco’s family was carrying out other proceedings and in an oversight, according to what she says, they lost sight of the pet.

Sarco served as a guide dog for an older adult 10 years ago, so they turn to the community for help to find his whereabouts in need of your job. Those who have any information can contact 322 975 80 54.

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