With a caravan they will demand the freedom of Alex Saab

With a caravan they will demand the freedom of Alex Saab

The Movement of Venezuela Free Alex Saab announced that on August 18 there will be a caravan for the freedom of the Venezuelan diplomat, which will leave at 3 in the afternoon from the Petare parish, in the state of Miranda, to the El Calvario square, in the center of Caracas, where they will culminate with a cultural festivities.

On the day they will demand respect for the diplomatic rights of Alex Saab, kidnapped since 2021 by the United States authorities, and demand his release.

During a press conference, Saab’s defense representatives assured that they are willing to negotiate the businessman’s release.

“We, as a movement, are open to any form of solution to the kidnapping of our diplomat and compatriot Alex Saab and more if this has a humanitarian background, “they stressed.

The members of the movement recalled that Saab has been subjected to various types of torture since his arrest.

The movement reported that more than 60 countries They have joined the request for Saab’s release, without specifying which ones, and invited Venezuelans to participate in different activities that they will hold during this week to request his release.

There is proof of Alex Saab’s diplomacy

The members of the movement rejected the refusal of the Department of Justice of the United States to deliver the requested communications, classified and unclassified, that exist between agencies, such as the Department of Justice, State and the CIA, as well as other expressions of security of the American nation.

With the banners of immediate and unrestricted release, the Free Alex Saab Movement denounced this Monday that US government agencies are delaying the delivery of classified and unclassified documents in which it is stated that the North American country was already aware of the diplomatic status of the Ambassador Venezuelan since before his illegal detention in Cape Verde.

It should be noted that the deadline has already begun for the US Attorney’s Office to deliver the classified documents of the case to the court, which have nourished the file and will be useful for the defense. “The term expires next Monday, August 22,” said the movement’s spokesmen.

For her part, the internationalist Laila Tajeldine said that Saab represents the Venezuelan State, for which “we ask that the US cease its kidnapping.” Regarding any relationship with Colombia, she clarified that “the evidence is convincing and obviously this case has nothing to do with Colombia, it is one of the countries where great solidarity has been awakened.”

Saab was arrested on June 12, 2021 in Cape Verde and kidnapped by the US, in October 2021, where he faces trial in a Miami court, for the crime of conspiracy to launder money, without having evidence about it.

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